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Artworks Gallery

Paragon Design is proud to offer its clients with professional, high quality Fine Art Murals, Trompe l' oeil or Custom Canvas Artwork. With over 25 years experience, artist Victor Caruncho has accomplished some of the most exquisite commisions seen in the Tri-State area and Florida. A wide range of media can be used including: Oil Paint, Water Color, Pencil and Pen & Ink, just to name a few.

Here are a few samples of his fine work.

Trompe l' oeil Mural of a Mediterranean scene 36"X36" created on plywood and installed in a residence home.

Still Life with the statue of Eros - Oil on Canvas.

Sleeping Cherub - Oil on Canvas.

Lalique Art Deco piece - Oil on Canvas 6 feet x 8 feet!

Spider-Man mural finished in marker and crayon created directly onto the wall. An inexpensive way to add a Mural to any childrens room.

Boxing of the 21st Century - Water Color and Air Brush on Illustration Board. (1st Place Award Winner at the Northern NJ Arts Festival & Most Outstanding Award in the Commercial Art Category).

Rattling Round a Boot - Acrylic on Denim.

Bug Trap - Acrylic on Illustration Board.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait, The Creation of Man - A Tribute to Dali and Magritte. - Oil on Canvas

Chess - Acrylic on Illustration Board.

The Warrior Wears Stripes - Water Color and Ballpoint Pen on Paper.

Starry-Eyed Heart - Latex Paint on Styrene Board. (The Stars in this painting actually glow in the dark).

Solution for Pollution - Water Color and Air Brush on Illustration Board.

Saturns Satellites - Oil on Canvas.

Another popular Mediterranean scened mural completed in a Family Room

Trompe l' oeil Mural. Don't have a real window? Why not paint one.

The Pharmacist - Mural made for a window in a pharmacy

Dueling Zebras - Acrylic on Canvas

Installed Pharmacy Window Mural

Hobo Clown


Trompe l' oeil mural Island of Capri, Italy


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