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Black & White Artworks Gallery

Here are a few samples of Black & White art.

Lioness of Africa - Stippling (Dots) Technique used with Pen & Ink on Illustration Board.

The Head of Constantine in Rome - Pencil on Paper

Old Saint Nick - Stippling (Dots)Technique used with Sharpie pens on Illustration Board

Lucy "Xena" Lawless - Pencil on Paper  "Autographed by the actress herself".

JD's Girl - Pencil on Board

Janet - Pencil on Paper

The Final Attack - Pencil on Paper  1st. Place Ribbon Award received at the Bergenfield NJ Art Festival.

Dali - Pencil on Water Color Paper

Peg - Pencil on Parchment

Sade - Pencil on Paper

Our Little Sunflower - Pencil on Paper