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Faux Painting Gallery 1

Portfolio of completed Faux Painting Projects. Click on any image to enlarge.

Wall showing a beautiful, warm Suede Finish

Suede wall with an accent wall completed in a 3 color metallic glaze, embellished with stenciling and 2 custom Imprints embedded into the finish.

Detail of metallic glaze accent wall with embedded imprints.

The highly popular Suede Finish shown in a Powder Room

Powder Room Suede Finish with scroll stencil accenting the corners

Stenciling on entry doors can make them more interesting and can add color to the existing decor.

Detail of stenciled entry doors shown framed in a painted antique gold border for a richer more sophisticated look.

Dining Room showing a marblized glaze technique with a warm suede finish below the chair rail.

Detail of Dining Room

Hand painted Harlequin patterning below the chair rail gives this Living Room a rich and sophisticated look.

Close up view of the elegant Harlequins (below the chair rail molding) with a soft candle light finish (above the chair rail)

An aged/worn and heavy textured Suede looks perfect with this dental office decor

Dental office coffee break area

Dental office waiting room area

Hair Salon finished in a stunning Parchment Gold colored Lusterstone

This Fireplace was accomplished using a faux stone technique. Not one stone is real

Close-up of Faux Stone work. The intricate wood working was also created by Paragon Design

Closeup view of the Faux Travertine Marble

The columns in this home started out with a plain boring white painted finish. Now! A Faux Travertine Marble finish works perfectly on these columns

Detailed view showing the faux Travertine marbled column.

Elegant striping adorns this Dining room.

Highlights are very prominent in this two-colored Lusterstone fnish.

A very popular and versatile finish called Lusterstone shown in this grand living space.

Closeup view showing the faux marbled mantle and the real tiled fireplace surround.

A near perfect match between faux and reality marble. The faux marble mantle was executed to match the existing fireplace tiled surround.

A view showing the faux marbled fireplace base.

Two stencil borders were created to add detail to this power room.

The custom striping gives this Dining Room an elegant feeling.

The ever popular faux Suede finish in a warm Adobe color shown with custom striping below the chair rail molding.

Full view of a hand painted Dining room ceiling sky/cloud mural.

Ceiling sky/cloud mural detail.

Before: These Built-in Cabinets started out as a simple white.

After: The finished project was faux wood grained to match existing oak details throughout the home

Detailed photo of the Built-in Cabinetry faux painted in an oak wood grain pattern.

The tops of the Built-ins were completed using a two colored Lusterstone.

Wine Cellar - SandStone finish in Sienna color.

Wine Cellar - SandStone finish in Sienna color

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